training changes perceptions, inspires new enthusiasm for teachers as 2017 Computer Science Education Week approaches

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A group of Duval County teachers met on Oct. 26 for a workshop in preparation for Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week on Dec. 4-10. The training made a big impact on one teacher from Fletcher Middle School.

“Just a short note to say that I am actually very excited about jumping into the courses with my students,” Chris S. Couch wrote to the workshop leader. “To be honest, the training yesterday was nothing short of mind altering for me. I have sat through so many dysfunctional workshops in the past few years. I walked out armed with so many ‘certificates’ but no understanding of the program or more importantly how to teach my students.”

“I showed off the curriculum book to my wife, a sixth grade science teacher, last night. She couldn’t help but laugh at my amazement at such things as created activities, assessments, video tutorials… ‘Yeah, I have always had those resources as a teacher.’”

“For the first time as a computer teacher, I feel as though learning/teaching this material might be possible. I have so much to learn, but now I have a sense of where to begin.”

Find’s resources for educators on their website.

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